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GM: Ron Collins
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9-Lives: 32.069 – Anyone Seen YS9’s Owner?

Mon Oct 02, 2017 1:24 pm

Little Disappears, Some Suggest Rehab Stint

After reports of illicit gambling, and protests about his use of funds, prominent oil baron and Yellow Springs Nine owner John Little is apparently missing in action now. “Mr. Little is not taking meetings now,” said his personal assistant when we tried to reach him for comment.

The situation immediately created a wave of additional rumor and innuendo, some suggesting that Little had sunk as far as going to live on the streets in Louisville, but others suggesting it hadn’t gotten that bad, yet. “We think he’s just a disgusting drunk and a maybe a speed-baller. And there’s some suggestion he’s tied deep into global organized crime,” said one anonymous source close to the situation. “But he hasn’t gone so far as to decide to live in Louisville.”

Among stable thinkers, the thought is that Little may have checked himself into rehab in order to attempt to get his life together. “The oil business is tough now,” said Little’s brother a few weeks ago. “I know my brother’s under a lot of stress there, so I admit I hope he’s gone off to take care of himself. I would hate to have to drive into Louisville to get him out of something truly horrendous.”

Re: 9-Lives: 32.069 – Anyone Seen YS9’s Owner?

Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:04 pm

I bet he's the one paying the umpires to help Madison win....
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