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With August coming to a close, the lower minor league season reach their end points. It’s a good time to look into each player and see what kind of progress they may have seen. For our impatient fan we'll aid the process by coloring good stuff green and not-so-good red. Neutral seasons stay normal.

C Eric Fabre (Round 1, Pick 22, 22nd overall pick). 6/7/8/6/5

A solid hitting catcher who can play defense. 18, Fabre played the whole season in rookie ball, showing improvement defensively, as well as with gap and fence power, and an increased ability to put the bat on the ball. He drilled 20 homers, and hit .289 while OPSing .864 at Alamogordo. He threw out over 50% of the runners who attempted to run on him.

2032 First Assignment: probably SSA.

1B Dimiao Laqui (Round 2, Pick 23, 53rd overall pick). 8/6/7/5/8

Scouts love Laqui’s first season, saying he’s progressed in contact, power and eye. Not enough to upgrade future potential, but the bottom line is that the switch hitter is probably a pretty interesting “sleeper” that Aaron mentioned in his Value Picks” section of the annual draft review. That said, his numbers were pedestrian, though nott terrible for your average 16-year-old. 78 games, 288 AB, 16 homers, .257/.296/.479. The best news is that those numbers grew all summer long.

2032 First Assignment: The front office would like it to be SSA, but we suspect they’ll wait through the off-season to say for sure. A start in rookie ball, and a mid-season promotion is probably most likely.

CL Adergazoz Ouakili (Supplemental Round 2, Pick 5, 64th overall pick) 10/6/6

The team needs Ouakili to make the majors just so they can play with his name in Team News. The good news is that he appeared in 43 games in rookie Alamogordo, posting a solid enough 4.24 ERA as a 16 year old, and striking out more than twice as many as he walked. The bad news is that scouts suggest his growth has been tepid at best, nonexistent at worst.

2032 First Assignment: back to Rookie ball.

SP Jon Gilliam (Supplemental Round 2, Pick 11, 70th overall pick). 8/7/7/

At 17, Gilliam went 6-7 in rookie ball at Alamogordo, posting a 5.69 ERA. The fastball still grades as a ten, and the cutter is okay. Given his stamina, and body type the team would like him to start, but one suspects he may be moved to the pen if the changeup doesn’t bump next year. That said, he’s throwing with considerably more velocity, he’s put the ball on the ground a lot more than folks thought he would, and his stuff has been coming in just fine.

2031 First Assignment: barring off-season improvement, probably Rookie with a mid-season promotion.

RF John Dundee (Round 3, Pick 25, 95th overall pick).

Did not sign – The team will receive compensation pick next year.

SP Carlos Valle (Round 4, Pick 22, 123rd overall pick). 7/6/6

YS9 dug deep to give Valle a big paycheck so he would forego college. He’s got an interesting 4-pitch arsenal, and used it at Alamogordo this year to go 6-4 with a 3.84 ERA in 17 games. So far so good. Scouts have suggested his entire package has grown. Take that for what it’s worth.

2032 First Assignment: He’ll be 19, probably in SSA Guantamo.

RF Tomas Chavez (Round 5, Pick 22, 151st overall pick). 6/8/7/6/5

One of the bigger disappointments in the entire farm system was hearing that Chavez had gone down to a broken kneecap in May. It cost him the entire year, which is never good. He’s 17, though, and some scouts say his rehab is working out fine, saying his work in the batting cage looks solid. Only managed 44 at bats last season, though, and even with scouts raving about his personality, you always wonder how kid will bounce back from adversity.

2031 First Assignment: Probably Rookie ball again, just to get his legs under him.

SS Tony Loftis (Round 6, Pick 22, 179th overall pick). 6/7/6/3/8

Loftis was drafted as a short stop, but immediately moved to 2B. He played at SSA level, posting a reasonable .254/.318/.393 slash with 9 homers and 25 RBI. More important, by year’s end scouts said he was growing comfortable in the infield, and is well-positioned to take another step.

2032 First Assignment: Almost certainly back as SSA, but one expects the team wants him in Fort Worth by 2032’s end.

3B Ernesto Garza (Round 7, Pick 22, 207th overall pick). 6/7/5/5/7

We like Garza’s chances. In 306 at bats in rookie league, he dropped 20 homers, and hit .284/.328/.526. He shows signs of a decent glove. Not someone we would put at the top of the charts, but an interesting guy. His development reports are a sheet of green—contact, gap, Avoid K. All good.

2032 First Assignment: Probably starts at Rookie ball, but a repeat of these numbers will have him in Short-A before you can say, uh, short-A.

SP Ricardo Gutierrez (Round 8, Pick 22, 235th overall pick). 6/6/8

You can’t say Gutierrez wasn’t given a chance. 18 starts, 8.36 ERA, 0-10. That’s about as ugly as it gets. He showed some overall progress, but scouts dropped their assessment of his control a notch to 6/6/7, and his curveball a notch, too. He’s only 16. They say he was throwing harder at the end of the year than he was at the beginning. Who knows, right?

2032 First Assignment: We’ll see if he’s throwing baseballs at Rookie League or burgers at whatever joint he can find work at.

SP Eduardo Reyes (Round 9, Pick 22, 263rd overall pick).6/7/7

Reyes had a successful season, going 3-1 in eight starts and posting a 3.61 ERA, striking out 22, walking 6. Scouts downgraded the movement of his reasonably interesting repertoire, but suggest he’s throwing the ball harder. A bit of a tradeoff? We’ll see.

2032 First Assignment: He’s 16, expect to see him back in rookie ball.

CF Ines Cloots (Round 10, Pick 22, 291st overall pick). 6/6/4/6/8

We love a kid who doesn’t strike out. At 16, Cloots played pretty much full time in Rookie ball, and posted a reasonable line—8 homers, .259 average, .407 slugging. Defensively he proves he can’t do a lot in center field right now, but the corners look achievable. Scouts loved his overall progression, though, and have tagged him with one of those “keep an eye out” kind of assessments.

2032 First Assignment: Rookie ball again.

SS Walter Conegliano[/url (Round 11, Pick 22, 319th overall pick). 5/7/6/4/7

As a shortstop, Conegliano might make a pretty good third baseman. On the other hand, he had good defensive progressions and scouts also say he’s grown as expected in rookie ball. He saw 257 at bats and hit 14 homers, 17 doubles, and posted a .331/.379/.599 slash. He’s only 17.

2032 First Assignment: Depends a little on the organization. Probably R-Alamogordo, but could wind up in Guantanamo. Optimism is high.

RP [url=http://montybrewster.net/MBBA/OOTPFiles/lgreports/news/html/players/player_36614.html]Javier Sanchez
(Round 12, Pick 22, 347th overall pick). 8/5/7

Sanchez was not particularly successful on the field in Alamogordo, but he’s only 16. He appeared in 11 games. Team insiders upgraded his control to 8/5/8, and suggest his circle change is going to be better than they tought.

2032 First Assignment: Back in Rookie ball

CF Jose Perez in the 2031 first-year player draft (Round 13, Pick 22, 375th overall pick).

Did not sign with the team

RF John Rhodes (Round 14, Pick 22, 403rd overall pick). 5/6/7/6/5

At 20, Rhodes had a successful season in A-ball at Fort Worth, hitting 11 homers .304/.365/.565. He’s not speedy and has a ways to go to be considered a major league defender, but It was an encouraging season for a 14th pick. Scouts say he showed basic improvement, but declined to adjust their long term projections.

2032 Starting Assignment: possibly back in A-ball with a mid-season promotion?

SP Anthony Rambaud (Round 15, Pick 22, 431st overall pick). (7/4/5)

This 21-year-old was sent to A-ball at Fort Worth, and did himself some good, throwing 28 games and going 3-3 with 6 saves while posting a 4.15 ERA. Scouts bumped his Stuff talent (now 8/4/5), and suggest he showed solid growth everywhere Great knuckle-curve and a good fastball that he heats up to 96.

2032 Starting Assignment: possibly back in A-ball with a mid-season promotion?

RP Pedro Mendoza (Round 16, Pick 22, 459th overall pick). 7/6/5

His performance as a 17 year old was only a little embarrassing, and scouts like that fastball and curveball and the fact that he already throws 94. He didn’t really show much movement either way, so the jury is still very far out.

2032 Starting Assignment: R-ball.

RP Jesus Viera (Round 17, Pick 22, 487th overall pick). 7/5/6 (7/5/8)

Viera is an interesting prospect. Within a couple months of coming to camp, scouts bumped his control rating not one, but two notches. At only 16 years of age he pitched effectively in Rookie ball (3.95 ERA, 41 Ks in 54 innnigs). The team likes that he’s actually got three semi-pitches and a delivery that promises good stamina. Too early to get that excited, but he’s looking good. He still needs to grow a bit to move, but optimism abounds.

2032 Starting Assignment: R-ball with possible promotion.

RP Aurelio Leyva in the 2031 first-year player draft (Round 18, Pick 22, 515th overall pick).

Leyva did not sign with the team.

RP Jaime Olivas (Round 19, Pick 22, 543rd overall pick). 6/7/5

Olivas pitches in Alamogordo, but we get the idea this won’t be for long. He pitched well enough, 2-3 in 36 games with a bunch of saves. But he took stuff and control downgrades from the scouts, and looks to be exposed when the team calls in a few guys from their IC (or gets to next year’s draft?)

2032 Starting Assignment: If he’s with the team, it will be R-Bal again.

2B German Zumaya (Round 20, Pick 22, 571st overall pick). 5/6/2/3/6

There is a lot that German Zumaya) can’t do. He can’t hit for much power, and he can’t run. He can’t play much defense. Yet, somehow he’s always managed to be the last guy not cut. He got 23 uneventful at bats in Rookie ball.

2032 Starting Assignment: If he’s with the team, it will be R-Bal again.

LF Hector Arellano (Round 21, Pick 22, 599th overall pick).

Arellano was assigned to Alamogordo R-ball, took several talent downgrades by the team’s scouting department, and was released in June after three At-bats

LF Corbin Myers (Round 22, Pick 22, 627th overall pick). 5/5/4/5/5

Myers had a successful season in R-ball Alamogordo, with 9 HR, 14 RBI, and a .899 SLG in 158 at bats. Scouts like that his entire offensive game got better, as well as his defensive, but they haven’t upgraded his overall assessment, which isn’t particularly high. Bottom line: low grade prospect.

2032 Starting Assignment: R-Ball, possible promotion

RP Felix Mora (Round 23, Pick 22, 655th overall pick).

Mora decided to go back to high school at the Disney Mouse.

3B Javier Vazquez (Round 24, Pick 22, 683rd overall pick).6/5/6/4/5

As a deeply under-dveloped 17 yo, Vasquez was horrible at Alamogordo, posting a .175/.179/.224 line in 143 at bats. He did not, however, have any talent degradation, and in fact scouts suggest he grew in contact and gap, as well as with defense. We’ll see what happens to him as an 18 year old.

2032 Starting Assignment: R-Ball

1B Jorge Oliva (Round 25, Pick 22, 711st overall pick). 4/6/6/6/4

Oliva is still with the club, and assigned at R-Alamogordo. At 16 years old he was third in the depth chart at 1B, and got only 4 AB. Improved his contact, gap and power ratings. Also increased his defensive ratings a bit. Nothing to write home over, but hell, he’s #25, right?

2032 Starting Assignment: R-Ball

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