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PostPosted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:26 pm 
Ballpark Construction
There are a number of benefits to constructing a new ballpark:

• Fan loyalty increases by 5 on the 1-100 scale
• Market size increases by 5 on the 1-100 scale
• If a team’s Fan interest is less than 90, it increases by 50%, to a max of 90
• Stadium maintenance dues are reset to 0

Constructing a new 35,000 seat ballpark in your current city costs 100 PP base cost + $50,000,000, and you must submit a news release at least 1,000 words in length announcing plans for the new ballpark. At the time this reward is selected you may elect to increase the new ballpark’s capacity to 45,000 for an additional $4,000,000 or to 55,000 for an additional $11,000,000 above the base cost. Additional PPs may be exchanged at the time the reward is selected to offset construction costs; every 10 PP spent will lower the construction costs by $1,000,000 (to a minimum of $25,000,000).

The 100 PP base cost may be made in two installments of 50 PP each, with the first installment due at the time the reward is selected and the second installment due one year later. If a GM fails to pay the 2nd PP installment, construction status reverts to zero and all costs of construction already paid are non-refundable; this includes cash payments and the first installment of 50 PPs.

GMs may choose the type (open / retractable roof (+$5M to base) / dome (+$2.5M to base)) and turf (grass / artificial (+$2.5M to base)) of their ballpark. Dimensions and wall heights may also be determined by GMs, although final plans are subject to approval by the Commissioner and a surcharge may be levied in the case of particularly unusual designs. A name and unclaimed picture may also be chosen for the new ballpark. Teams must stay in their new ballparks for a minimum of 10 years.

New ballparks open at the beginning of the season, following offseason announcement of new ballpark construction and fulfillment of all other requirements for construction, including final commissioner approval. GMs who choose to pay the 100 PP base cost in two installments have their ballpark opening deferred until the start of the next season.

Ballpark construction costs are eligible for a payment plan (see below).

Team Relocation
Any GM in good standing may elect to relocate his team (the Commissioner must approve your team’s new location). Certain teams may have extra incentive to relocate, however, while others may have incentive to stay put. There are 6 criteria that are checked when you elect to relocate:
  • Fan interest 60 or less
  • Fan loyalty “Slightly Above Average” or less
  • Market size “Average” or less
  • Five consecutive losing seasons
  • Team not profitable over the previous three seasons
  • Attendance less than 65% of stadium capacity in both the previous two seasons
Rewards are essentially the same as the Ballpark Construction reward.

GMs who meet 3 of the 6 criteria qualify for double the Ballpark Construction reward (+10 Fan Loyalty and +10 in Market Size; in this case, Fan Interest is increased to 90). GMs who meet 1 of the 6 criteria will receive the same benefit as the Ballpark Construction award. GMs who don’t meet any of the criteria will still gain +5 Market Size but will take a penalty of -5 to Fan Loyalty (reflecting the “mercenary” ways of team ownership. Fan interest is unaffected). In all circumstances, relocation confers the additional benefit of allowing a team to change major league details as if the "Change Major League Details" reward had been selected (no PP or cash expenditure required, but the required article on changes still applies).

Payment Plan
Ballpark Construction and Relocation (but not Renovation) costs are eligible for a payment plan. Rather than paying the full construction costs at the time the reward is selected, GMs may instead elect to pay 10% (or more) at the time of selection and pay equal amounts of the balance over the next nine years (with payments due during the Winter Meetings).

Defaulting on a payment will result in a fan interest penalty and an interest charge of 30% on your next payment. Defaulting on a second consecutive payment will cancel the reward. In this circumstance, there will be no refund.

NOTE: Members must have participated in the MBBA for one full season before qualifying to select any Ballpark Reward with the exception of Additional Seating. Cash costs of ballpark rewards will first be deducted from a team’s private Bonus Funds account (if available) before on-hand cash reserves are touched. All Ballpark Rewards require an article about the reward to be submitted prior to the start of the upcoming season.

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